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Washington D.C

Mr. Talkoba - you want to know don't you. Why the soldiers are here. In United States 

Tabitha - Where's Your girlfriend? Where's Sam? Chandler 

Chandler - I don't know where she is it's been long time.

Me firing at the soldiers 

teammates attacking each other

Conniea - Leslie is in danger. Chandler. What will do Chandler?

The soldiers and criminals 
Me and my teammates looking at Tessa and her teammates 

Chandler - Everyone.. will die.

Leslie screamed and Rita fights her friend Sally

Me grabbed Brian and slam him to the wall

I got up but Tessa swing kick me in the face and she jump attacks me when I block her attacks.
Characters list

Chandler's Team
Chandler - The leader of the teammates aka darkblood 
Rita - the dark girl who will protect and will go home with her sister
Minion/ ML - Minion character who will help me till the end of the war
Maria - the Maid who dresses like a boy and she will still be like that 
Charlene - the French accent girl who will return to France soon
Toby (New) the scientist who does a lot of inventions 
Stacey (New) the sharpshooter who has PTSD of her past and life
Conniea (New) the Surveillance agent who will watch our backs till the end.

Tessa's teammates 
Tessa - the leader of her team
Brian - Tessa's boyfriend who will protect her
James - the doctor who will aid Tessa 
Zack (New) the ninja who was trained at self defense at Japan 
Zoey (New) a spy girl who spies on anyone what there up to
Tammy (New) a German accent girl who will back Tessa up
Sally (New) A friend of Rita who turned against and will join us when she apoligizes
Oswald (New) the enforcer who will help out Tessa's boyfriend Brian 

Ryan - The armor soldier and the sargenat of Wolves
Bob - the evil scientist who will poison the survivors 
Ash - the skull man who will use fear toxins and will let us explore the terror
Rose - a psycho girl who will killed anyone who gets her in love or any of love
Maya and Saya two twins of girls who will be a tough situation 

Extra Characters and there will be others that won't show up in this list like a secret in the very end.

Soldiers, The survivors 
Mr. Talkoba - the new teacher 
Tabitha - Rita's sister 
Leslie - the little girl who will return home with her grandparents.

This final story takes place in the battle of United States and the final battle is in Washington D.C 

Me and Tessa had to separate cause of teammates like wanna of them chose us at the building. So we're ordered by the new teacher to kill criminals and we'll be free. But we're still going to be teammates like right now Me and my teammates had to protect Leslie from Tessa and her teammates which this is going to be bad like Good guys vs Good guys. Like which side Me or Tessa? 

Anyway this story will have 13 chapters and there will be possibly a secret ending so we'll see. Also we'll see who will win.
Washington D.C 

Mr. Talkoba You want to know don't you why the soldiers are here. In United States.

Teammates attacking each other

Conniea - Leslie is in danger. What will you do Chandler?

"Everyone.. will Die" I said being Ruthless 

Pushed Brian to the wall

I got up but Tessa swing kick me in the face and she jumped attacked to punch me down which I block myself.
Washington D.C 

Chandler - This job we did guys we tried saving Fighting with our lives to end.

Me and my Teamates 

Rita - You can't do this alone Chandler We'll help you

Mr. Talkoba - Japan, Chicago and Now Washington D.C. Chandler the survivors are afraid of you now, not all of them actually but I'm not sure what your girlfriend thinks.

Tessa - Were going to get those criminals we don't have a choice.

Tessa and Brian kissing 

Chandler - I'm sorry Tessa you can't kill Leslie she's good and I have to protect her from anyone who will harm her.

Tessa - Good luck with that

My Teammates fighting the soldiers 

Brian - We're not perfect but you guys are.

Wanna of us killed Tessa's teammates 

Tessa - I was wrong about you. Everyone was wrong about you Chandler.

Rita attacks 2 soldiers

Maria - Chandler were here to protect you Chandler until the end.

Tessa - This isn't what your gonna do Chandler not even after since Asuna death or your girlfriend to see you again

I looked at Tessa and Punched her and Brian to save Leslie.

Chandler - You kill her and you have to go through me.

Explosion in the room 

Me and the soldiers fighting and get pushed by the villian.

Chandler - Stay down finally warning Tessa.

i pointed the gun at her while she has her fists

Tessa - I can do this all day, Chandler.

Me and Tessa fighting and punching each other.

Tessa punched me twice and kicked me to the wall. Her face is like angry and grinned teach and tears.

My Teammates and Tessa teammates fighting each other to the death of blood

Chandler - The War still goes on the war will end.

Darkness War 3: The Bloody War 
Coming soon
I walked with my team and this is the final battle of the this war.
a lot of us attack soldiers and criminals.

Mr. Talkoba - Chandler while every survivors thinks you're a hero or vigilante. you want to know do you why the soldiers are here. This is World will no longer tolerate with them or any of you.

Tessa - I know you're going to protect Leslie, please, Leslie is a criminal like her parents. You don't want to know.

Chandler - you'll try to kill her?

Mr, Talkoba - There will be a consequence 

I pulled the vent open and sneak through the criminals 

Chandler - Guys becareful theres mines

Rita - well I hear that

Tessa's team moves to kill the twins 

Tessa - We're better then bad guys. Let's go kick some ass.

Soldiers firing at us.

Rita - Chandler if you need help we'll all help you to win this war.

Rita kick 2 soldiers dead.

James - Chandler you know what's about to happen. Do you really want Sam to see you like this?

Me and Maria running from Tessa's team 

Explosion in the room.
soldiers getting killed

Charlene - What will we do Chandler?

Chandler - we fight and kill. Show no mercy.

Me and my teammates running to get Tessa's teammates.

Tessa's Boyfriend Brian punches me and nearly stabs me with his knife and we both scream and grinned teeth.

Tessa - I'm sorry Chandler you know your doing this for Sam or anyone you know is your choice. But to let you know, Your my great friend.

Chandler - You know what Tessa your my great my friend to.

Tessa looks up 

Tessa and Brian vs Me. (Like I'm fighting against wanna of my friends)

Brian took me down as he countered my staff attack and Tessa hits me and I tried to shoot her but then Tessa and Brian both kicked my leg and I got down getting punched by them and Tessa punched me. 

Darkness War 3: Bloody War
Coming soon 
In the middle of afternoon we made it back home to my house which I'm finally home but Asuda is really bad shape.
 "My home." I said
 "This is your house?" Charlene asked
 "Yes it is this is my home. Like we're in Virginia so that's it." I said
 "Well it's a very nice house." Maria said
 "Thanks." I said
 "Come on get Asuda tell her we're home." Said Tessa 
As I carried Asuda I woke her up and whispered to her.
 "Hey we're home." I whispered
 "your home?" She asked
 "Yes my house so I'm going to put you in my bed okay I rather sleep on the couch tonight." I said
 "Okay." She said
 "Hey Chandler. I'm sorry about Kyle and Jake." Said Tabitha 
 "it's okay their my good friends." I said
 "Do you think your girlfriend herd the explosion?" Rita asked
 "I'm sure she and any other survivors have herd the explosion of the base of Wolf soldiers. I said
 "I see. Well anyway let's go see how Asuda is doing." Rita said
 "Ah I got her here." I said 
 "Oh." She gasp
As we came in the house James told me to put her in my bed so which means she has to sleep.
A few minutes later James came and I start talking.
 "How is she?" I asked James 
 "It's bad. I'm sorry Chandler but until morning just carry her or walk with her. If she's able to okay?" he said
 "Ok." I answered
As James went outside Leslie came to me and starting to cry.
 "Leslie what's the matter?" I asked her 
 "Asuda is going to die right?" She asked
 "I believe so cause she's the little girl I flung back at Japan so I didn't know she had a disease." I said
  "I see." She said
As then I see Tessa and the others are going but there not cause i think they're going to a hotel.
 "Chandler. We're going to the hotel so I'll see you tomorrow which minion will help you out or not and we're going to find teammates." She said
 "Okay understood." I said
 Alright see you later." She said
As they left with Tabitha. Rita, Maria and Charlene are going to stay at my house which I'm living with girls so I'll have to becareful.
 "Charlene you think you can cook? I asked
 "Sure I'll do that." She said
 "Okay." I said
 "I'll watch Asuda." Maria said 
 "Alright you can watch her." I said
 "And Rita you can do whatever you want." I said
 "Sure thing." Said Rita
As now I felt the War is over but though it's not over yet the criminals is what we're after so that means they could be here. By now since they follow there tracks. So then I went in the house and start looking for any books to read until I found a picture of Sam.
 "Hey Samantha, I'm still alive and hope you are to so I love you." I said and put the picture away.
As then I watched some tv channels and the girls are finished so now I'm eating and watching tv.
As night time came we all find a spot to sleep so I know I had my own bed but Asuda has to sleep there so I gave her heat pad to warm her up. So then Rita sleeps in the sofa and raise the chair so she can lay. Charlene and Maria both sleep on the couch which I'm gonna sleep on the floor but I place a Matt on there so I can be confortable.
 "Goodnight." Said Rita 
 "yeah goodnight." Leslie said
 "Alright." I said
So everyone went to sleep and i'm probably sleeping in my room so I can keep an eye on Asuda if anything happens at night so I went to sleep and waited.
The Next morning I woke up and Asuda is really in bad shape so I place the hot towel on her head and trying to find water so I found two of them so I took one and poor it on the cup. So then I discovered some blood in my bed which she's I have to wash the sheets. So then Asuda is awake and she looks like tired.
 "Hi Chandler." Asuda said whispery 
 "Hey Asuda. How are you?" I said nicely 
 "Terr-ble." She said
 "I know. You want some water?" I asked 
She nodded and gave her a cup of water she drink it and she coughed again and the bleeding is on her hands.
 "Chandler I'm bleeding." She said so low
 "I know. I see but there's no doctor right now." I said
 "James and Jake are doctors but where's Jake?" She asked
 "Jake is dead Asuda." I said
 "And Kyle?" She asked
 "Kyle is dead to." I said so low
 "I herd the girls and Leslie." Said Asuda 
 "Yeah their fine." I said 
 "That's good." She said 
As I felt her heart it's really bad going slow probably going to stop soon. so then she looks really tired.
 "Chandler am I going to see my family again when I die?" She asked 
 "Yes you'll see them again." I said 
 "Chandler I want to go to the park with you." She said
 "I know but I can't take you there cause you know." I said and panicked 
 "Chandler I'll be okay like I want to walk one last time." She said
As I kept thinking she looked at me and I had no choice.
 "Alright we can go so let me know what's happening okay?" I said
 "Ok." She said 
As me and her walked out the girls are still asleep and Asuda bow to the girls by saying goodbye which I knew this will happen to her so then we went out walking.
We walked until she walks really slow and there's a park so she's unable to play.
 "That's enough okay." Should we go now you wanna take a break?" I asked 
 "No I'm fine. She said as she moved 
But as I kept walking she walks 3 steps until she falls.
 "ASUDA NO!" I yelled as I sat down 
Like right now she can't get up.
 "Chandler I'm sorry are you there?" Asuda asked
 "I'm right here Asuda what's wrong?" I asked so hyper 
 "Chandler I wanted to say thank you for all that you've done for me." She said whisperly 
 "Y- Your - welcome. Little girl." I said
 "Chandler I can't see you." She whispers 
 "I see your probably seeing the light I guess." I said
 "Chandler? I'll miss you." She whispers
 "Yeah I'll miss you to very much." I sobbed as my tears drop 
 "thank you...goodbye." She said as one last word
Until now then I gasped like she's not breathing and her heart stops which means she died. 
 "Asuda, Asuda?" I called her name until I begin to cry that she's gone.
 "ASUDA!" I sobbed and hugged her and begged for help.
 "Someone! Anyone! Help me! Sam! Tessa! Anybody!" Help. No anything but this." I sobbed and no one is there which I cried and it's now raining so I have to get her home by carrying her dead body.
(Tessa's POV)
As I watch the team are here they all stand there looking at me.
 "Hey girls where's Chandler?" I asked them until he's back but oh my god Asuda is dead.
(Chandler's POV)
As I watch the team are here they all stand there looking at me.
 "Chandler?" Rita called and starts crying of Asuda is dead.
 "Asuda?" Leslie barged until Maria stopped her. And Charlene covered her mouth and cried to .
 "What the hell?" Tessa shocked
 "Chandler what happened" she asked
Until I put the body of Asuda in the flower bed and start ignoring which I need to be alone for a while walking away.
 "Chandler! What happened!" She yelled
I still ignored her question and kept walking away like I won't even talk so that I will be back for a while.
 "Oh Chandler." Said Tessa as I left.

The End
To be continued on the 3rd of Darkness War.


I looked at the dead body of Kyle he's being moved to another position.
 "Goodbye Sam." I whispered 
Then the General grabbed me and took me where the body of Kyle is.
 "Get the hell fuck off me!" I yelled
 "No you're going to die." General said 
 "please stop." Rita whispers 
The two other girls looked at me and General pushed me.
 "Turn the fuck around!" He yelled
My eyes were filled in tears and now the General point the gun at my head.
 "Girls when you find Sam tell her I love her." I said
 "Chandler!" Rita yelled
I looked up and Tessa and boys have arrive to save our asses.
 "Fire!" Tessa yelled
The boys, James, Brian and minion all fired at the soldiers and Tessa did it to.
 "Let's fight!" Charlene said
 "You got it!" Maria said 
the soldiers can't fire there guns cause the EMP stun them.
 "Now I'm mad!" I said
I punched the General's face and Waylon took off.
 "Tessa let's go shoot them!" I yelled 
I took out the circular saw and start cutting the General with it then I sawed the soldiers neck and blood flies to my face then I grab the General and kicked him down and sawed his back which he won't get up.
 "Ahh you fuck I'm the General of the Wolf soldiers like I'm General of the wolves!" He yelled in pain
 "Not anymore." I said
i grab the pump action shotgun and shot the whole head off and the General dies. *BANG* the blood spreads all over to my feet and my boots are full of blood so I like it.
 "Thank you." I said 
 "your welcome." She said
I nodded and looked at Kyle.
 "I'm sorry Chandler." Said Tessa 
 "It's okay we lost two friends of mine now so so no one else dies on me. Understood you all?" I asked 
 "Yes Chandler." Said Charlene 
 "Absolutly." Said Maria as she grabbed Kyle's gun
 "Understood Chandler." Said Rita
The others nodded and agreed so now I'm going after Waylon alone.
 "Alright guys just go out the bombs in any other rooms I'm going after Waylon alone." I said
 "I'll take that cicular saw so we're going to need it." Tessa said
 "Alright becareful with it. I'm keeping my chainsaw so good luck." I said 
 "You to." She said
 "Good luck man." Brian said 
 "thanks." I said
 "go get him man." Said James 
 "yeah go get that son of a bitch." Said Minion 
 "thanks guys I will." I said
 "Oh Chandler last thing. I think your girlfriend and her friends would've like to come along and help us." Said Tessa 
 "yeah I bet Sam would like that." I said 
As I went up stairs alone some soldiers were there. So I fired at them with the assault rifle. I took cover and shot couple more soldiers until then I'm out of ammo for the assault rifle. So I'll use my shotgun 
 "kill him kill him!" The soldier yelled 
 "We are killing him!" He said 
I blast some some soldiers with my shotgun and killed the last 5 so now I'm out of ammo for the shotgun. So all I got is the Chainsaw, Semi automatic pistol and my other weapons I'm equipped with in the last events.
 "Well here I am." Waylon said
He's standing there waiting for me to attack so we both walk to ourselves face to face.
 "It's you and me man!" I said
 "Yes it certainly is." He said
 "You killed Kyle." I said
 "duh everyone has to die you know." He said
 "No not everyone will. Ahhhhh!" I said and start to attack 
I grab my sword and start to attack him and he blocked my counter attack.
 "It's time for what you learn what it means to be a survivor." Said Waylon
 "well Waylon you could learn a thing or two from that one!" I said
I gave him a swing kick in the face and punched his ribs. 
 "you learn pretty well." Said Waylon 
 "why thank you I was trained at self defense." I said
But Waylon grabbed my leg and hit me and I went down, then kicked me in the stomach right to the wall and throw me to the desk. *Crash* I tried to get up but I'm hurt until.
 "STAY DOWN CHANDLER, OR WANTED IT, YOU'LL BE DEAD ALREADY!" Waylon yelled as I'm laying there.
 "Never." I said
I got up and start shooting my pistol. *Bang, Bang* I fired and then Waylon kicked the gun out of my hand and grab me in the neck trying to choke me.
 "This is it Chandler I'm going to kill you right now for what you've done." Said Waylon 
I pulled my knife out and stab his ribs and let's go of my neck as I coughed.
 "Well nice move there Chandler but your still going to die." He said
As I grabbed my gun and shot his body of the vest he screams cause it's a one punch of a bullet to the vest.
 "Shit he has a vest on what the fuck!" I yelled
 "Heh ha. You can't kill methough. the vest you know is bullet proof. Which the bullet already punched me out." He said 
 "well I hope it hurts." I said
 "Yeah thanks." He said
As now he charges I grab the chainsaw and powered it on and made a noise
 "you think you can take me out with the chainsaw? He asked
 Yes I will!" I said
Then Waylon makes a move and I sawed his vest in two sides which I sawed through him.
 "Grr this ends now!" he yelled
He charges with a knife and I cut and sawed his arm off.
 "Ahhhhhhh! He screamed 
The blood leaks everywhere and its squirting everywhere. The two wolf soldiers showed up and I sawed them both by there heads off.
 "Now your next." I said
(warning this will be really gory which I love it)
 "okay you win. Your free to go so go ahead and explode the place!" He yelled
 "I will goodbye Waylon." I said
Then I sawed through his chest and the blood was flying on me. So I pulled the blades out and the whole blood squirted out flying everywhere like a water fountain. So after that's done Waylon dies and I sawed his head off and place the piece in the desk.
 "Chandler! It's me we got all the bombs in so let's get out of here!" Said Tessa
 "I'm on my way!" I yelled
As I ran up with them I was bleeding which waylon probably cut me since he uses a knife. So now we kept running and we found an exit, which we ran far away and got up to Tabitha and two little girls on the hill and we all are going to watch the explosion.
 "Alright Chandler ready?" Said Rita
 "Ready." I said grabbing the detonator
 "Alright Chandler do it." Said Tabitha 
 "3..2..1." I said then press the button to kaboom 
*Explode* the whole base exploded all over to smithereens and all Wolf soldiers are KIA. Which means there history now no more Wolf soldiers, unless if there any survivors ones out in United States so they'll be dead.
 "We did it. It's over." Said Tessa
 "we sure did." I said
 "Chandler it's bad Asuda is really sick we need to get her to your house." Said Tessa
 "Oh no, okay let's go team to my home and fast." I ordered and hope we'll make it.

to be continued 

As we approach to the main gate the soldiers didn't see us so we just shot those two and took off.
 "Alright the blueprints must have the codes in there." James said
 "Right." I said and entered the pass code to the entrance 
We head in and the Wolf soldiers are patrolling.
 "Good thing the tower didn't see us." Said Rita 
 "I know, assholes." I said
we got into the 1st room and there's nothing so we planted the 1st bomb hidden in the counter so the Wolf soldiers won't see it. The soldiers came by and I quickly stab those two in their necks so we're clear and though there cameras so we have to blind them in the control panels in the room that will shut down the cameras in the room.
 "Chandler theres a control room that will shut down the cameras." Said Tessa 
 "Do it." I said
After she did that we plant the 2nd bomb in the control room so we moved out but someone triggered the alarm which means we have to get ready to fight and shoot.
 "Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert." The announcer said 
 "Kyle what's the first wave?" I asked 
 "Enemy ground forces." He said
 "Okay guys get ready." I ordered 
5 soldiers showed up and we all fire at them so we move quickly to another room and two soldiers were in the room and I shot them both.
 "Will cover you guys." I said 
 "okay." said Jake 
As 5 of us are waiting for the Wolf soldiers to come the other 5 are working on the bomb to plant it.
 "Chandler will probably split up if there's anything happening let us know and don't worry we won't die." Said Tessa 
 "Alright becareful." I said
 "Alright, James, Brian, Minion. with me let's go." She called
As 4 of my friends left they took three or more bombs so they can plant where ever they are in each rooms. The bomb is planted and we head out to another room.
 "Soldiers to your left!" Rita yelled
I turned and shot them with a shotgun and stab one soldier in the neck.
 "One bomb planted in the medical room so we took everything out." Tessa said through the radio.
 "Good work." I said
 "Hostile K-9s!" Kyle yelled
As I thought, I herd the dogs barking so we have to becareful they come from everywhere. We ran to the conference room and got on top of the table and standing there.
*Bark* *Growl* the dogs showed up trying to attack us so we got our guns out and shot wanna of them. I kicked the dog off the table and Jake fired his gun but the dog got his ankle and got him down.
 "AHHHHH!" Jake yelled
 "JAKE!" I yelled 
The dogs came to him and start tearing him apart and one dog bit his throat and neck.
 "Guys Fire!" Kill the mother fucking dogs!" I ordered 
They fired at the dogs and all of them are killed. I came off the table and yell for Jake.
 "Jake!"'I yelled as I remove the dead dogs and found him.
 "Jake no." I whispered 
Jake couldn't stand up he was mauled really bad and his throat is bleeding. He coughed and tries to speak.
 "Chandler *Cough* I'm sorry." He whispered 
then I looked at his body it's been reared open to so no way we can't fix him.
 "I know." I said and Kyle came to him.
 "Kyle thank you for traveling with me." He said
 "Yeah." Kyle said and left outside of the room
 "Chandler be safe." He said
 "I will man." I said
 "Goodbye." He whispers and dies.
I shut his eyes and took the assault rifle and gave it to Kyle.
 "RIP man." I said
 "The bomb is planted in the training room." Tessa said 
 "Good, But we lost Jake. Dogs killed him." I said
 "Shit, okay just becareful." Said Tessa 
As we planted the bomb in the conference room the soldiers start attacking and we fight back but then I got grabbed from behind.
 "Let me go you Fuckers!" I yelled trying to struggle free and trying to shoot them.
 "Chandler!" Kyle yelled then starts firing 
 "Shoot me!" I yelled
 "Is he crazy!" Charlene yelled
 "Fucking shoot me!" I yelled
 "Rita save him!" Kyle yelled
 "I can't." She sobbed
 "Rita! He dies his girlfriend will kill us!" Kyle yelled
Rita fired and shot all 4 soldiers and I've been saved. So we all ran to another room and the soldiers lost us and I started yelling.
 "You all disobeyed me. When I'm being grabbed shoot me like I don't want to be captured." I said
then Rita slap my face. *Slap* I usually deserve that and Rita cries and hugged me.
 "You jerk don't say that again." Sobbed Rita as she grabbed me.
 "Alright fine." I said
 "Dummy." Said Charlene 
 "What I said I was sorry." I said
 "I know but don't do that again!" Maria said
I looked at Kyle and thanked him.
 "Thanks." I said
 "Your welcome man. Listen we have to save you because your girlfriend will kill us or whatever what will happen." Said Kyle 
 "I know." I said
When we kept moving we place another bomb in the next room so we got out and shot more Wolf soldiers.
 "All dogs are KIA." Said Kyle 
 "Good no more dogs." I said
 "Third bomb planted in the lab Chandler." Tessa said
 "Good work." I said
As we kept planting bombs in the rooms the bag is empty which that means all bombs are gone cause we need more.
 "Tessa do you have more bombs?" I asked 
 "Yeah we found more from the storage so we can all use them." Said Tessa 
 "Good were going to need more." I said
But then the full of soldiers came around surrounded us and we're trapped.
 "Tessa were going to need back up the soldiers are here so we're surrounded." I said
 "Shit were on our way hang in there!" She yelled
As the other friends are on the way Waylon and the General showed up
 "Well Chandler glad you and your friends are here cause you're all going to die here so surrender or we'll release the missile to kill your 3 friends up there." Said Waylon 
 "No. guys surrender." I said
We all sat down put our hands behind our heads but something wrong. There not going to arrest us. 
 "Now which one will I kill first." Said Waylon walking in front of us.
 "Now that Jake is killed i'm going to kill the next one." He said
The girls are crying being scared to die.
 "Will keep the girls! Kill the boys!" Said the general 
 "What No!" I yelled
 "With pleasure." Said Waylon 
The soldiers grab the girls and general came down with his gun.
 "Waylon, kill Kyle." He said
 "Kyle!" I yelled his name
 "Chandler it's okay I'm first so your going to be next." Said Kyle 
 "No please!" I yelled in my tears
The soldiers grab Kyle taking him to Waylon.
 "Kill me first, kill me!" I yelled
But Waylon refuses. The girls cried and screamed by saying no.
 "Let him go you fuckers!" I yelled
Trying to get free but it's tolate the soldiers and Waylon killed him. *Bang*
 "KYLE!" I yelled
The wolf soldiers killed him and now I'm next.
To be continued 

As she still holds the gun at us she starts to yell.
 "I'm not asking twice. Hand it over!" Tabitha yelled
 "Tabitha don't do this!" Rita yelled 
Tabitha looked at Rita and she start to apologize.
 "Rita I'm sorry. I killed our parents, I killed mom and dad in a car and I got out of the car and watched it exploded." Said Tabitha
 "No why? Rita Sobbed as she is crying
 "Because I have to." Said Tabitha 
I growled my teeth and start firing at her.
 "You BITCH!" I yelled as I fired at her
She quickly took cover and starts yelling.
 "Stop firing Chandler I know I'm going to kill you but I'm going to kill my sister first." She said
 "Over my fucking dead body bitch!" I yelled
 "Call me a bitch huh? Okay." She said
 "Attack her!" I yelled as all my friends charged 
Tabitha took down Maria and Charlene by kicking their stomachs and then took Tessa and Brian. Then the boys took off cause they can't fight a girl. But usually I can.
 "Rita No!" I yelled
Rita quickly ran to go get a weapon to kill her but then Tabitha starts running after her so I start running to chase and stop Tabitha. I quickly ran and ran and I got her down I kicked her stomach and swing kick her face.
 "Tabitha give up tell me why did you do this to her and why are you betraying us?" I yelled
 "Because I don't want to hurt her but I do and second Waylon is my Ex Boyfriend that's why I'm here to kill him for all what he did to me so I'm going to kill him but you'll get in my way so I'm going to kill all of you and my sister. So that's all. Said Tabitha 
 "Your Fucking insane!" I yelled
 "Oh I am but Rita is here you might wanna stand back." Said Tabitha 
 "Rita?" I said her name
Rita was standing there with my sword and Tabitha got her sword to.
 "She's got a sword and what the hell thats my sword." I said 
 "I'll kill you Tabitha for what you did to mom and dad and for betraying us and betraying me. Betraying your own fucking sister!" Rita yelled so ruthless
 "I'm sorry Rita." Said Tabitha so quiet.
The two starts attacking each other and I watched them fight.
 "Holy Hell, Girls are you okay!" I yelled
 "Were all fine!" Said Tabitha 
 "Boys!" I yelled
 "Were fine Chandler!" Said Kyle 
Tabitha and Rita still fighting back there and Asuda and Leslie were both hiding as I approached them.
 "You two okay? I asked
 "I'm fine but Asuda is not a little bit." Said Leslie as she's worried about her.
 "Asuda are you okay?" I said 
 "I don't feel good."Asuda said so tiredly 
I felt her head and it's worse which she's sick so I have to find her medicine for her so I took the medic bag out and gave her medicine. I said 
 "Take this medicine." I said
 "what are you going to do?" Leslie asked
 "I'm going to help Rita." I said
I start running and about time I save Rita from Tabitha trying to stab her. 
 "Go help your friends Chandler she's mine." Said Rita 
 "Not alone you don't." I said
 "Don't worry I can handle this." I said Rita as she's being honest.
 "Alright but if you go down I'll come and save you." I said
 "Thank you." Said Rita 
 "Just be fucking careful!" I said
 "I will." Said Rita
 "Abanding your friend?" Said Tabitha
 "I just don't want him to get hurt cause he's a great leader to all of us." Said Rita.
(Rita's POV)
I took Chandler's sword and start attacking her with my angry look.
 "AHHHH!" I yelled
Trying to slash her but both of us are sword fighting.
 "How long you're going to keep all this nonsense?" Said Tabitha as she asked
 "As long as I want!" I yelled 
 "Then I have no choice." Said Tabitha 
I quickly block her sword attack and jump attack her with my feet.
 "Your good but not good enough." Said Tabitha 
 "Why did you have to kill them?" I yelled
 "Because it's a war and everyone around has to die." Said Tabitha 
 "then why do you want to stop Waylon?" I asked her again
 "Because I have to kill him." She said 
 "Not alone." I said
 "I know you guys won't!" She yelled 
 "Chandler will do it for you cause he's tough he has some hidden instincts." I said
I block her sword attack and I kept yelling at her
 "Tabitha listen you have to let that go. What your doing is horrible like you're trying to hurt good people, good friends and me. Waylon is messing with you he's messing your mind." I said trying to help her.
 "It's impossible." Said Tabitha 
 "it is possible." I said
I watched her to put her sword down and watched Chandler grab the Wolf's blueprints and I quickly approach her.
 "What's gone into me?" Sobbed Tabitha 
 "Tabitha. You're having problems like traumas. Try to let that go." I said 
 "I killed mom and dad. I tried to kill you I'm a bad sister Rita. please shoot me please or I'll do it myself. Sobbed Tabitha 
 "I can't, I can't kill my own sister." I said
 "Then I'll do it myself."'said Tabitha then points the gun to herself on the head.
(Chandler's POV) 
 "NO! DON'T STOP! PLEASE!" Rita yelled
 "Stop what your doing Tabitha." I said touching her shoulder
 "Chandler?" Tabitha said my name.
 "If you killed yourself by committing suicide for what you did you will go to hell. Everyone knows that." I said
She put the gun down and Rita hugged her crying.
 "I'm sorry." Sobbed Tabitha 
 "It's okay, it's okay, said Rita patting and smoothing her back.
Rita becareful out there okay?" Said Tabitha 
 "I will." She answered 
 "Chandler, I'll watch Leslie and Asuda while the 10 of you can go." She said
 "Thank you." I Said
 "How's Asuda?" Rita's asked
"James and Jake came to us and said
"Asuda will die by tomorrow or next other day. Cause she's running out of time and medicines won't save her." Said Jake 
 "I'll watch over her Chandler don't worry, you can do it Chandler for us and for your girlfriend. Like for Sam." Said Tabitha 
I nodded and got ready to go and starting give weapons.
 "Ok I'll try." I said
As I looked at my friends they had weapons they chosen.
 Rita holds the sniper rifle and magnum pistol
 Maria holds the dual magnum pistols
 Charlene holds WWll submachine gun
 Jake holds assualt rifle
 Kyle holds the grenade launcher and tactical pistol
 James holds the commando rifle 
 Minion holds combat shotgun 
 Tessa holds trench shotgun 
 Brian holds the barrel minigun which he's strong like me.
Now me I hold 4 weapons pump action shotgun and semi automatic pistol, Circular Saw and Chain Saw in back.
 "You all ready?" I said as were standing there.
They all nodded like they're all ready to go.
 "Alright team it's time. ROLL OUT!" I yelled as we all ran to the hill.

to be continued 
As the night came we past through the states of Indiana and Ohio so we stop at West Virginia to rest which we traveled really late so we stop at the hotel and rest for a while.
 "Told you It's along-." Said Tabitha as I started talking
 "I know." I said to her
 "So do you have the prints of the base?" Tabitha asked
 "Yes I do but why?" I asked her
 "Nothing." She said
As I'm reading the plans I made on my list the girls were in the room playing pillow fight or something next door so us guys had to think a plan about taking down the whole operation of the Wolf base.
 "Alright guys we need to think of something about what we can do to destroy the whole base we're targeting like we're going plan this again." I said
 "yeah your right." Said James 
 "So your old friends are coming?" Kyle asked
 "Yes they're coming and they'll be aid or usually reinforcements." I said
 "I knew your going to say that we're defiantly going to need more reinforcements." Said Kyle 
 "I bet we do."'said Jake 
 "Alright each room has every sectors around this room around so will place every bombs around the whole base and have to hid them all carefully and the General must die." I said
 "What about Waylon?" James asked 
 "He'll be with the General so I'll take those two out unless he comes alone." I said
 "Yeah your right I guess." Said James 
 "But Chandler if were caught, surrounded and surrendering what will happen to us?" Asked Kyle 
 "I think that's up to Waylon he kills wanna of us or kills all of us one by one." I said
 "If were dead then what will your girlfriend Sam will think? Like you know me and you and him and the girls. Like we all die in vain." Said James 
 "She'll be sad I think and she'll miss me and she'll might probably take revenge." I said 
 "well taking revenge on your death is probably not going to help like if she did then she will avenged you. Like avenged your death." Said Jake
 "Yeah but our priority right now is to stay alive and survive we do this, we can fight this together." I said
 "Yeah we're all being counting on each other right now. Also if any of dies in that base we'll be missed and we'll miss you." Said Jake 
 "You know what guys. I'll miss you all to. Also it's been an honor serving with you all." I said so greatful
 "Thank you Chandler." Said Jake 
 "yeah you're the best leader we ever had." Said Kyle 
I nodded and wiped my eyes cause I cried a little.
 "You okay Chandler?" Jake asked
 "I'm fine, I just got anxious." I said
 "I know how you feel like to let you know we're all scared to die." Said Jake 
 "Yeah fear of dying, fear of loss and loved ones, anything." Said Kyle 
 "Also afraid of losing someone you loved and care."'said Jake
 "thanks guys you're the bests." I said
They all nodded and now we realize that the girls are quiet in there maybe Tabitha told them. So we head next door and all girls were crying and hugging. Which that was a shock. 
 "Oh dear" said Jake 
Rita hugging Tabitha and so is Asuda and Leslie.
 "Girls we'll all be okay as long as we stick together." I said
 "Thank you Chandler." Sobbed Maria 
 "Yeah *Sniff* thank you." Sobbed Charlene
I looked at Rita and told her to do what she has to do.
 "Rita becareful okay as a dark girl your smart." I said
 "I will." Said Rita as she sobbed 
 "Asuda, Leslie I know we can't leave you two behind so stay with us okay?" I said
 "We will." Asuda and Leslie said together 
 "Good." I said as I hugged them.
The next morning we made it to Washington D.C at last so I use the renoculars to see the base of wolves like I see the tower, tanks, planes, jeers any types of military like playing wanna of the Call of Duty games.
 "Alright we had to get to the base and we already know the plan so we all know what to do so we got weapons bombs and the detonator for it. Which right now it's evening the odds. So let's show them no mercy!" I yelled
 "Yeah!" They all yelled except Tabitha. 
As I was standing there I see 4 survivors which I know them. Except 1 though. 
 "Guys there here! My friends!" I yelled
 "Alright." Kyle yelled 
 "Yes!" Rita said 
As they arrived I came to them.
 "Is it you Chandler?" I answered 
 "The one and only." I answered 
 "Glad to see you man." James said 
 "Yeah we're here for ya man." Minion said 
 "Oh Chandler this is my boyfriend Brian." Said Tessa 
 "Nice to meet you man." I said as we both shake hands.
 "Thank you for taking care of my girlfriend she told me everything about you." Said Brian 
 "Your welcome and glad to hear that so yeah I did well." I said
As my other friends show up I quickly introduced them 
 "Asuda your still thank god." Said Tessa 
 "Yes I still am." Said Asuda 
 "Alright this is my team. This is Kyle, Jake, Maria, Charlene, Rita and that's her sister Tabitha she gave us a ride." I said
 "Nice to meet you all." Tessa said
 "Thank you." They all said 
 "Oh yeah this is Leslie." I said
 "Hi sweetie." Tessa said
 "Hi." Leslie said so nervous 
 "Hmm she same age as Asuda." Said James 
 "yeah she is."'I said 
 "So yeah now we're all a full team like there's only 13 of us." Said James 
I counted all my friends and he's right which it will be enough of us to take them all out and I know there's going to be a a lot of soldiers so we'll have to use weapons and ammo.
 "Hey Chandler I'm not sure those little girls are coming with us like someone will stay here and watch them." Said Tessa 
 "I know but I'll ask Tabitha so she can watch Leslie and Asuda." I said
 "Yeah that will work." Said Tessa 
 "Hey Chandler nice weapons you got what happen to our old ones dude?" Minion asked
 "There all been destroyed and burned since we crash landed in east side of Nevada. I explained
 "Well that's just great so we had some weapons and you will give wanna of us weapons so you'll do that?" James asked
 "yes." I answered 
 "Good. Also will steal everything in that base before you place the bombs in there. Said James 
 "Yes I know that." Said me 
 "So should we ask Tabitha?" Asked Tessa 
As everyone else shows up and Tabitha is not there.
 "Alright team I got the blueprints so here I'll show you all." I said
I opened the bag and there's other blueprints
 "What the hell? I said so shock 
like they are 3 blueprints like I didn't take them cause I got the wolf soldiers blueprints here.
 "These blueprints are for ROJ's and Black Ops." Said James 
 "That's because I stole them." Said Tabitha 
 "Tabitha what the hell are you doing." I asked 
She lift her gun up at at us while my friends are pointing back at her.
 "Hold your fire!" I yelled 
I looked at Tabitha and Rita is in shock looking at her.
 "Give me the blueprints Chandler hand it over now. Or else your dead to me and I'll call the soldiers to kill you all." Said Tabitha.

to be continued 
As we're closer to Elliot's room we barged in after the enforcers got in and we got our guns out.
 "Nobody move!" I yelled
The enforcers got their guns out and Elliot command them.
 "Stop, hold your fire! i just want to talk to them!" Said Elliot
 "Elliot you're going down its over." Said me
 "Over, but you guys came here to talk." Said Elliot 
 "We need the blueprints you got." I said
 "Which blueprints?" Elliot said
 "The blueprints to the Wolf soldier's base." I said
 "Oh yes I got the blueprints right here and so is the ROJ's and Black Ops blueprints of there base." Said Elliot 
 "We only want the Wolves base blueprints the rest we burn." I said 
 "No you can't burn them someone will need them and what if Sam needs the blueprints." Said James 
As I start to understand I made an accept.
 "Okay I won't burn them. But I'm sure know they made copies out there but I don't know." I said
 "Thank you." said Jake 
 "What a bad harsh you made chandler." Said Elliot 
 "Well it's my mistake." I said 
 "Suppose it is." Said Elliot 
 "Ah right anyway were going to kill you right now Elliot." I said 
 "Not yet." Said Elliot 
 "Hey Elliot should we kill them?" the enforcer asked him
Not yet but someone will? He said
 "Who?" I said
 "The wrestler name Ped." He said
The door opens and Ped is dressed up and ready to fight."
 "Ooh Shit. I said so surprised 
Ped crack his neck and knuckles like he's ready to fight.
 "Now who wants to die?" Ped asked 
 "Not us." Jake said
Ped grab the enforcer and killed him by squishing his neck. Then dropped the body."
 "Sir I don't know." The enforcer said
 "Just relax the show is about to begin." Said Elliot 
Ped charges and we all fired but couldn't hit him we all dodged his attack and then comes at us. The enforcers started fighting and we had Ped strait right at them." 
 "Girls get Asuda and Leslie out of the room!" I yelled
 "Got it Chandler!" They yelled
(Jake's POV)
As I let Ped come right at me I dodged his attack and got hit by the wall. I punched and kick his face and dodged his fist then I see Chandler firing at Ped and luckily managed to dodge away from him. Then Kyle comes in and kicks him twice then I let him take over.
(Kyle's POV)
As I tried to kick Ped I grab a weapon and hit him with it.
 "Chandler I need something bigger to hit him." I yelled
 "I'll go get the Minigun!" He yelled
 "Okay hurry!" I yelled
 "I'm on it!" He yelled
I watched Chandler go out and I hold him off while James covered the girls to help.
 "Over here lugnut!" I yelled
 "No I'm not." He said
Ped grab Jake and punched him down. 
 "Jake." I yelled
 "I'm here!" Chandler yelled 
I saw Chandler grabbed and holding the barrel minigun and he fired at Ped by to many shots all over his body.
(Chandler's POV)
After I stop firing, Ped falls and dies and Elliot is next.
 "What have you done Chandler. If you won't kill God the Devil will." Said Elliot hyperly.
 "No you are wrong Elliot you are wrong about them." I said as Elliot turned down his face.
"Let me explain something to you. You're going fight Waylon the wolf soldier. survivor vs soldier. The Wolf soldier vs the survivor of darkness." Said Elliot 
 "Your right about that Elliot and I am going to end the Wolf soldier, Waylon." I said
As I seen the enforcers showed up there going to attack us and Elliot is mine.
 "Oh here we go more enforcers showed up you guys take them I'll get Darkblood." Said Elliot telling his men
 "Any options?" I asked to any of my team
 "just fight them with our weapons and you get and you get Elliot. Said Jake 
 "Excellent. Now let's fight team! I yelled
Elliot laughed pull out two handguns and start firing at me. I took cover and blocked firing rom him.
 "Can I get a hey, heh ma mayhem!" Elliot yelled firing two handguns.
I fired back at him. Takes on to kill him by a shot.
 "It's over Elliot!" I yelled
 "Not yet it hasn't!" he yelled
 "This is your last chance."'I said so low
As my friends took down the enforcers I jumped out and shot Elliot in the rib and his arm and his shoulders. He falls and tries to get up but he's vulnerable so now I'm going to end him.
 "Well go ahead Chandler finish me, kill me, win this war." Said Elliot 
 "Oh I will and Elliot you are hopeless like an asshole." I said then shot his head.
As I took the keys out of his pocket I unlocked the safe and there copies of blueprints of the base so I searched and read the name of the bases.
 "Okay let see here. Blueprints of ROJ's base, no, blueprints of black ops base. No, ah huh here it is guys the blue prints of the Wolf soldier's base." I said
I placed the blueprints in the table and look at every sector of the rooms of where we can put the bombs and also we'll steal more weapons and the formula of anything.
 "Alright guys will plant each bombs in all rooms and will steal the formulas and weapons." I said
 "Yes of coarse Chandler we'all have to becareful of every soldiers around the base." I said
 "Yeah like enemy ground forces or tygers or hostile K-9 units to." I said
 "Yeah but we'll have to kill dogs to right?" Kyle asked
 "yes." I answered 
 "those dogs are bad anyway so we'll just kill them." Said Rita 
 "The dogs will be like Rottweilers, Dobermans and German shepherds. So those will be the dogs of K-9 units." I said
 "Yeah but we have to be careful those dogs are trained to kill." Maria said
 "I know. Like wolves." I said 
As we packed up the blue prints the rest of the other blueprints will leave behind for any people that will need them. Or the war is going to end soon so we head out strait to the vehicle of ours which we have to get out of here and we're going to Washington D.C now so we can end this war.
As we get in the truck the radio sounds weird.
 "Chandler can you here me it's Waylon the Wolf Soldier." Waylon said through the radio.
 "Waylon I'm coming for you and I'm going to end your operation and your general." I said
 "Oh you will huh, I think I won't let the soldiers alert you but they know you're coming already so you better prepare yourself the general knows your coming." Said Waylon
 "I'll get you." I said
 "Oh everything I did will see Chandler. Just you and me. Said Waylon
 "You bastard asshole." I whispered
As I got off the radio I looked at the map and recorded the time and it'll take 10 hours and 46 minutes to Washington D.C from Chicago.
 "Alright guys let's go it's going to be a long ride to Washington D.C. Like it's 701.4 miles away." Said Tabitha 
 "You can say that again." I said as I got in and we all left Chicago.

To be continued
In the museum we looked through the rooms and we looked at museum products so this criminal is somewhere hiding from us.
 "Anyone find him or her?" I asked
 "No." said James 
 "Alright keep looking!" I yelled
We pass through the hallways then herd a crash from the left so we investigate it and she's been caught.
 "This women is name is Scarlet. The acrobatic. Becareful." Said Kyle
 "You won't hit a girl would you guys?" Scarlet asked
 "Oh we can hit whatever we want." I said then start shooting at her.
She cart wheeled to dodge the bullets and throws a blade to my arm.
 "Chandler Watch Out!" Kyle yelled
 "DAH!" I screamed as the blade caught through my arm and the knife is a dagger. I pulled the dagger out and my arm is bleeding out. So James came to me and put the Paper towels on my arm. 
 "Here the pressure will stop the bleeding." Said James 
 "Thanks." I said
I picked up my gun and put it in my holster and Scarlet was just standing there.
 "Oh how painful." Scarlet said
 "Shut up bitch your going down!" Rita yelled
 "Rita Becareful!" Tabitha yelled
(Rita's POV)
I make a move on her and we both did knife blocking encounters 
 "You'll pay for doing that you stupid witch!" Scarlet yelled
I swing my knife attacks on her and gave her scratch.
 "How's that feel?" Rita asked
 "Hurts as hell." Said Scarlet 
I continue blocking her attacks and kicked her belly.
 "Give up your done." Said me
 "Not even close." Said Scarlet 
I dodged her knife attack and kicked her down again she's wounded and she looks done.
(Chandler's POV)
 "Thanks doc." I said to James 
 "No problem." Said James 
As I came to Scarlet I stop moving which I start talking to her.
 "Alright Scarlet where Elliot?" I said
 "He's somewhere in wanna of the buildings?" I asked her
 "Ugh, Congress Hotel." She's answered 
 "Thank you." I answered 
As we get ready to move out Rita looks at Scarlet.
 "So what will we do with her?" Rita asked
 "Kill her." I said
Rita nodded and shot Scarlet's head and killed her.
 "Okay let's get out of here." I said
We got out of the building and keep on searching around.
 "Alright till we get to Congress Hotel the enforcers are around guarding Elliot from us so we'll have to kill them all." I said
They all nodded and accept my plan.
Nine minutes later. At the Congress Hotel we hid somewhere inside in the lobby which it's hundreds of rooms in the hotel so we have to look at each room through the hallways.
 "Chandler the enforcer is somewhere upstairs guarding Elliot." Rita said
 "Alright will deal with these other enforcers that were in the higher levels of these rooms." I said to them.
They nodded and start moving and took down wanna of the enforcers.
 "Remember guys this a practice test of all of us in the wolf soldiers base." I said
 "Understood." James said
 "Lets hope the this test is a successful." Kyle said
 "Girls take Asuda and Leslie somewhere to saftey." I said
 "On it." The girls said
As they moved to a room where they'll be safe an Enforcer showed up shooting at us.
 "Take cover!" I yelled
We hid carefully firing back at them.
 "Fire your guns!" I yelled
 "Chandler RPG!" James yelled
I took cover and the rocket aimed outside which that was a close one cause that rocket missile will hit the building and explode and collapsed. Half of it though.
 "Miss Mother Fucker!" I yelled
The enforcer kept firing at me and I shot his head.
 "Incoming!" James yelled
The large enforcer showed up which it's the boss.
 "Chandler that large enforcer is Wallace!" James yelled
 "Give me that shotgun." I said
 "Chandler. He's got a minigun!" Kyle yelled
 "Were going to use that weapon to." I said as I planned
I grab the shotgun and fired at Wallace.
 "Wallace where's Elliot?" I asked him
 "You do not need to know." Said Wallace 
 "I'll make you talk you bastard!" I yelled
Wallace growled and fired the barrel minigun and found cover quickly.
 "Chandler shoot quickly!" Rita yelled 
I got my shotgun and shot his vest and shot his leg.
 "Wallace your done!" I yelled Then fired his other leg and his arms.
 "You guys came to the right place in this hell hole." He said and spits
 "Where's Elliot?" I asked him 
 "Go To Hell!" Said Wallace 
 "Wrong answer asshole." I said
I kicked his shot leg and he screamed and sweat so hard.
 "Where is he?" I said
 "He's somewhere in a room the big room he will lead you guys to come up and see you fuckers." Said Wallace 
I pulled his knife out and put it to the throat.
 "You're telling the truth?" I asked
 "Yes I am." He said
 "Thank you." I said
Then I slit his throat with a knife and dropped his body down while everyone looks at it.
 "Let's all head up and there maybe other enforcers around to so beaware." I said to them
 "Sure we'll be careful." Said Kyle 
As we move up to the elevator it's out of order so we'll have to take the stairs.
 "Ugh apparently the elevators are out of order so we'll have to take the stairs then." I said
 "Damn it the machines were probably weren't running so your right." Said James 
 "How did you know?" Maria asked
 "Its because the War that's how it happen so right now I haven't seen any wolf soldiers around in Chicago probably left back to there base and waiting for intruders." I said
 "Yeah but they didn't take over this building." Said Maria 
 "Maybe the enforcers did this to the soldiers around the building." Said Charlene 
 "Alright lets go." I said
As we walk upstairs the hallways look a mess around and every hotel rooms looked wrecked.
 "Chandler everywhere in this place is dead in here James said
 "I know let's see if they have any food we're hungry." Said me 
 "Good idea." Kyle said
As we found the snack bar machine I broke the glass and put wanna of the snacks in the bags and the enforcers showed up.
 "Shit. The enforcers." I said
We all hid in the room and wait for them to pass through. 
 "What's going on? How many are there?" Rita asked
 "There only 5." I said
As we walked carefully so they won't hear. As I herd Elliot which means we're getting warmer to his room and we're here.

to be continued
As we're inside we all talk to Charlene about how she find us.
 "So how did you find us?" I asked
 "I was alone which i was walking and I see two girls which I thought there maybe a group out there so I found you all." Said Charlene 
 "Tell me are you a boy or a girl?" I asked
 "Uh.. I'm a boy." Charlene answered
 "You don't look like a boy to me." Said Jake 
 "yeah Charlene you don't look like a boy." Said Kyle 
Charlene gets embarrassed and moves down which I can see her breasts already.
 "Uh dude... I see your breasts." I said 
 "Huh?.Oh!" She screamed and covered her breasts.
 "So your a girl." I said
 "Yes I am. Your a pervert." Said Charlene 
I gasp hypered and told her which the other girls are getting embarresed.
 "Tsk,tsk. I'm not a pervert!" I yelled
 "Well sorry it's girls or boys job to call them perverts." Said Charlene
 "oh come on!" I yelled
 "Alright enough!" Jake yelled
 "So why did you act like a guy?" I asked her
 "My family wanted me to do it." She answered 
 "Well that figures." I said 
 "yeah but now I don't know if there alive in Paris, France." She said 
 "So how did you came to United States?" I asked 
 "From the plane. I wanna to go there to see if I can find someone to help me clear the army." She said as she explained
 "We'll figure something out that what we can do very soon." I said 
 "Thank you." She said
 "eh... y-your breasts. I can almost see your breasts." I said and turned away
 "huh? oh does it really bother you?" She asked
 "Of coarse they do!" I yelled
 "Eh would yo like to see them?" She asked
 "WHAT! NO!" I yelled 
 "You are a pervert." She said
I kind of like the way she said that in French accent of English.
 "Okay enough with a perverted situation so let's get to work now." I said
 "okay." Said Charlene 
As I got up James is fixing the medical supplies and Kyle is checking weapons like any weapons around the motel. Tabitha and Rita talking about their parents or something and Maria helping the two girls and so is Charlene.
 "Charlene is same age as us right?" Jake asked
 "Yeah she is." I answered okay.
 "Well that's fine. We need another fighter on our hands." Said Jake 
 "Yeah." I said gave me an idea.
As I went outside I watched the sunset go down and the sky turns beautiful as it turned out orange.
 "Hmm I thought there's no sunset." I said
I continue looking around outside and I pulled out the gun and fired one shot to the distance. As I went back inside it's still the same so I have to talk to wanna of them about the plan we have to do.
 "So Chandler what's the plan?" Jake said
 "Look I know we made plans before so we have to find the way how we get in and kill them all." Said Kyle 
As I started thinking. I thought about something we can do.
 "Well as we're gonna strike back maybe we can disguise ourselves as Wolf soldiers." I said
 "I don't think the disguising ourselves is a good idea but though if we had a chance." Said Kyle 
 "maybe or maybe not we'll see." I said 
 "What happens if we saw you being captured?" Kyle asked
 "I want you guys to shoot me." I said in determination
 "WHAT!" All shouted
 "What no we can't do that. If you die your girlfriend will kill us." Said Kyle 
 "Well we don't know her anyway." Said Jake 
 "What about the surrender like us." Said Kyle 
 "No way! We're not surrendering! We fight." I yelled
 "Oh right." Said Kyle 
As we've been planning I'm sure Elliot will explain about it. As for the costume I'm wearing my cape got burned from the crash so I still have have my vest armor and fullmask helmet and my blacksuit.
 "I'm going to sleep goodnight guys." Said Jake 
 "So am I." Said Kyle 
As the two guys went to bed the girls went in to the showers and bath tubs which I kept hearing them laughing and screaming so this is getting weird of what there doing.
 "Hey girls keep it down in here!" I yelled at the door.
 "Okay!" They yelled
 "What do you see Chandler?" Kyle asked
I looked at the figure which it's Kyle.
 "Thought you were asleep." I said
 "Nah just came to get a drink that's all I need." Said Kyle 
 "So what's the deal of you and Jake been doing all time since I was gone?" I asked
 "we been at California for the past 10 days until we found you around Nevada." Said Kyle 
 "weren't there any lives?" I asked
 "I was trying to contact Serena but she didn't answer so I think she's dead I guess." Said Kyle
 "Okay you missed her but what about the people?" I asked him
 "Soldiers, criminals getting killed out there animals and it was a bloodbath over there." Said Kyle 
 "I see." I said
As Kyle checked and warned him about the girls are in there.
 "Dude becareful the girls are in there." I warned him 
 "I know." Said Kyle 
As he went back few minutes later the girls were out of baths and all are asleep so I went to bed and get some rest I looked at Asuda sleeping with her doll. It's good that she's still alright. I kneel down and said
 "Sleep tight Asuda." I whispered 
Asuda moves from her sleep I went to bed and lights off and went to sleep.
The Next morning
We drove from 5 hours of Iowa to Chicago Illinois.
 "Alright guys here we are." Tabitha said 
As I looked at the city the place was attacked and everyone is evacuated or killed from the teams of soldiers and though we're searching for criminals.
 "Alright let see it detects 4 criminals so we'll get them all." I said
 "Yeah we will and then our next target is to get to Washington D.C and end the wolves operation." Said Kyle 
 "yes we have to." I said
As we stopped and parked the jeep we all got out and start walking to follow trackers on criminals.
 "I'm going to put a tracker on the jeep so that way if we wanna get back and get out of here." Said Jake 
 "Good idea that will help for not getting us lost." I said
As we start walking around the city of Chicago looks a mess when the soldiers took over the place. Then the soldiers took over the place. Then I seen papers and seen some corpses around.
 "Hey Chan everything around here is empty looks like we're in a Dead City world." Said Jake 
 "I know what your gonna say their not real." Kyle said
 "that's correct." I said
As we kept walking around the city we passed through the museums and the tracker is beeping now faster.
 "Chandler the criminal is somewhere in the museum." Said Charlene
 "I looked and the criminal must be inside stealing or breaking the products
 "I knew it. Come on let's get that criminal. I said to them
 "Got it." Kyle said
 "Girls cover Asuda and Leslie." I ordered
 "Got it Chan." Maria said
 "You can count on me." Charlene said
Tabitha and Rita bothed nodded and their ready to go.
 "Alright guys lets go in and get that son of a bitch." I yelled and we all went inside to find the criminal.

to be continued  
In the morning we all got up and ready to go and nothing happen to me and Maria so thank god and I gave Asuda medicine and making sure they're aren't any criminals around until we're all here. Rita was walking slowly and Tabitha has to check on her.
 "Chandler, Take the wheel I'm going to look at Rita for a minute. Here are the keys." Said Tabitha 
 "Okay thanks." I said
As we drove off Tabitha looks at Rita to see she's okay.
 "Is Rita okay?" I asked 
 "Just keep your eyes on the road she's fine Chandler." Said Tabitha 
 "Here let me look at her." Said Jake 
(Jake's POV)
 "Alright lets see here." I said
I felt her head and there's nothing she's just tired.
 "She's just tired she'll wake up in a while." I said 
 "Hey Jake do you see anything outside?" Kyle asked 
 "No!" I yelled.
(Kyle's POV)
After I checked on Jake I watch Chandler which he's doing fine for now I looked outside to see anything going on.
 "No sign of the soldiers." I said
 "they must've head back to there base at Washington D.C." Said Chandler
 "Yeah your right maybe but for right now." I said
(Rita's POV)
I woke up and yawned and my sister sat with me.
 "Hey sis glad your awake." Said Tabitha 
 "You're all here." I asked 
 "Yeah were all are I came to sit with you." Said Tabitha 
 "Oh that's right I haven't change my clothes yet." I mumbled
 "Don't worry we're heading to the gas station that we'll change there." Said Tabitha 
 "Okay make sure the boys don't see me." I said
 "Uh Rita I saw you since you and Asuda were sleeping with me half naked couple days ago." Said Chandler 
 "Oh right." I said
(Chandler's POV)
 "Chandler there's a gas station exit now." Said Tabitha 
 "I'm on it." I said
We turn to the exit of the border of Colorado and I stopped to the gas station.
 "Alright Chandler I can take over now go out and fill some gas okay." Said Tabitha 
 "Alright I got it." I said
I got out of out the front left door of the truck and Tabitha came out and walks to the building.
 "Well I guess we can't spend money. towns a wasteland." I said
 "Yeah sure was." Said Tabitha 
After I filled the truck up with gasoline. I took a drink of monster energy I found at the gas station and got back in the truck and sat with Rita and gave her a drink and even everyone else got monsters. We drove off and Tabitha gave us a weapon she found at the gas station.
 "Here take the combat shotgun you might need it." She said
 "Thanks." I said by looking at the weapon.
 "Hey Chandler I found the Chainsaw it's fully powered." Jake said
 "Thanks I'll might need that to. To slaughter them." I said
 "That reminds me Kyle did someone steal our own chainsaw?" He asked
 "Yeah it was a soldier who stole it. Who ever kills that soldier now the survivors have it and enjoys it. While we have the new one here." Said Kyle 
 "That I'll be taking and enjoy it. Right?" I asked them
 "Sure man the chainsaw is all yours." Said Kyle 
 "Thanks." I said
As we all relaxed I start talking to them about Asuda.
 "Guys, Asuda is dying soon." I said so low
 "What?" Kyle shocked
 "She has a disease like some kind of sickness it's not cancer it's something else." I said
 "Oh well I'm sorry to hear that. If anything happens to Asuda let us know. We'll be there helping you." Said Jake
 "Thanks you guys." I said
11 hours later 
We made it to Iowa we traveled passed through Nebraska so we stop at the motel again but its sunset out there anyway which I could've done. Anyway let's continue.
 "Alright let's hope that tv works." I said 
As I turned on the tv there's no signal or no signal to the radio stations either. So we're just boring.
 "Hey Chandler. We only got 3 shotguns, 3 rifles and 3 pistols. So that's it." Said Kyle
 "Actully man we had two dual magnum pistols and he has a type 54 black star and has a sword and a staff and combat knife to." Said Jake
 "And we got the sniper rifle." Said Tabitha
 "Perfect but we're gonna need more weapons like two more guns." I said
 "Which ones?" Jake asked
 "The barrel mini gun and the grenade launcher." I said
 "Bingo." Kyle said liked my idea
 Kyle rote the list what we need so we have to find a place where the criminal is hiding. 
 "Okay guys I think we're going to need blueprints of how we get to the base and strike back at those guys." Said Jake 
 "We have to interrogate the criminal or the soldier to tell us where the criminal or the soldier to tell us where the blueprints is." Said Kyle 
 "I probably know Waylon, that guy might have it so when I find him I'll get him or someone else will." I said
 "your gonna go the war." Kyle said
 "Look that son of a bitch has brought this war to us all." I said
 "Look you know you can't win this. It's suicide. He's a soldier of the wolves." Said Kyle 
 "I know it's suicide but we got to try man every one of us." I said to them 
 "Okay we will do this by force and you can do the rest yourself." Said Kyle 
 "Thank you." Said me
 "Guys I'm gotta go find Rita I'll be back." Said Tabitha 
 "Alright." I said 
As then I saw Maria still wearing boys clothes though I already knew that she's a girl so I went to her and start a little blush.
 "Maria, how come your acting a boy all this time?" I asked
 "just some family circumstances." She answered 
 "oh so that's what this is all about." I said so shocked
 "well I still wish I wanna to become a boy like you and Kyle and Jake." Said Maria 
 "sorry Maria you know wishes don't work and never happen which it's not real." I said
 "I know." She said
As I hugged Maria and she felt a little gasp.
 "Just don't worry okay you can just be who ever or whatever you are. Okay?" I said
 "I understand. Thank you Chandler." Said Maria as she begins to cry and she's crying what the hell.
As I hugged Maria Tabitha and Rita came back with some things.
 "Maria go to the girls I'll talk to these two." I said
 "Okay." She said
As I approached them at the other side of the building they look like they want to talk to me about what they found.
 "So anything find?" I asked
 "Well somethings, some stuff, some weapons and someone." Said Rita 
 "Who another survivor?" I asked 
 "Yes." Rita answered 
 "Show me." I said
As the survivor showed up with a sniper rifle I can't tell what gender what this person is.
 "Hi I'm Charlene I'm a spy and I'm a good guy and here to join to fight with you." Said Charlene 
 "Hmm, you have and speak French accent to English. I'm Chandler aka Darkblood welcome aboard." I said while shaking hands.

to be continued 
After we traveled 14 hours it turns out night time cause we already passed the state of Utah so now we're all at Colorado so we stopped at the motel and going to get some rest and we'll leave in the morning.
 "Well everything happen back at Utah since you and I are shooting those soldiers out there. You know that right?" Kyle asked me
 "Yeah I do man what a ride you know what I mean." I said
 "Alright guys we're in the lobby so we'll be traveling to Iowa for rest stop it'll take us 11 hours to get there after we passed through Nebraska." Said Tabitha
 "And it'll take 5hours and 4minutes from Iowa to Illinois." I said
 "That's right Chandler. So if we see any soldiers or criminals kill them. Understand?" Said Tabitha
 "I understand we all are." I answered
 "Good." She said
As I seen the two girls Asuda and Leslie sleeping. Rita and Maria are in the showers together while Kyle and Jake are making and fixing some supplies. Then I sat somewhere in the lobby talking to my friends so I use the walkie talkie to my friends. So I contacted James first
 "Hey James do you read me?" I asked through the radio
 "Chandler?" He answered
 "Yes it's me." I said
 "Thank god your here that we're talking through the radio huh." Said James
 "Yeah that's right." I said
 "So how's Asuda?" He asked
 "she's fine I gave her Medicine so we're heading to Washington D.C cause we found out where the Wolf soldiers base is." I said
 "I know where it is to. I interrogate the soldier to tell me where there base is so that means the others already herd it to." Said James
 "Yeah and there two other bases in Washington D.C so I guess we'll let the group handle them cause are only object is to destroy the Wolf's base." I said.
James pauses and I'm waiting for an amswer.
 "Chandler I know we can all do this but it's suicide." Said James
 "I know but we can still do this. We must do this." I said
 "We'll let's hope so. I'll see you around at Washington D.C." Said James 
 "Yeah you to." I said
Then I make next call to Minion.
 "ML it's me how are you?" I asked 
 "I'm fine I'm heading to Washington D.C cause I found the base of Wolves." He said
 "Great me and my team are heading there to so I'll meet you there soon." I said
 "You to man later." ML said 
Then I switched to the next call to find Tessa to see she's okay.
 "Tessa? Tessa are you there?" I called
 "Tessa here is that you Chandler?" She asked
 "Yeah it's me how are you and Brian doing?" I asked 
 "We're doing good we're heading to Washington D.C. James told me about it so we're all going to destroy and strike back at them." She's said
 "That's right Tessa." I said
 "Chandler I wanna talk to you about last time we met. To let you know it's 2019 we must've read the wrong year." She said
 "I know I checked what we're thinking?" I said
 "Yeah, Oh and Chandler the general of the Wolves ordered all Wolf forces must head back to Washington D.C and then to the base cause they know about survivors are coming which it's us." Said Tessa
 "Well they don't know yet but we'll see when we all get there and we're all going to be reunited like back at Japan." I said
 "yeah that's right so did your girlfriend find you yet?" She asked
 "No still not." I said
 "Chandler maybe you should date someone else. Cause I don't think she and her friends are coming for you. It's possible that she's with someone else or possibly dead when she and her team are gone to the base of ROJ's which if they made it or not. Said Tessa 
I shut my eyes thinking about it.
 "Okay I'll do it. But not going to be a couple forever okay." I said
 "I know you still care about her but she doesn't which means she and her friends won't come to our Aid to help us defeat the Wolf soldiers. So we will handle these guys ourselves." Tessa said so low
 "Alright I'll see what I can do." I said probably lying or whatever.
 "Look Chandler I think she and her friends will strike at the ROJ's. while we like maybe 10 or 15 of us teammates will take out as many of the Wolf soldiers around the whole base." She said
 "I understand Tessa." She said
 "Good, as you know Chandler she won't mention your name to her friends which that means that you'll be wrong about her." Said Tessa 
 "Alright goodbye Chandler I'll see you at Washington D.C remember you have my word." Said Tessa 
After the radio turns off I felt a little depressed after what Tessa said. I smacked the table grinned my teeth.
 "She's wrong, She doesn't even know her. Tessa doesn't know Sam, she doesn't." I said very deep 
 "Having problems Chandler?" Tabitha asked 
 "Oh hey Tabitha." I said
Tabitha came to me and starts talking to me.
 "Chandler I know this is hard but if you something that hurts inside of you. You must fight your mind and your heart." She said
 "I don't get it." I said 
 "Oh nevermind just remember what I said okay!" She yelled
 "okay geez." I said so surprised Tabitha took a breath and left back to the room.
 "Nothing else to say?" I yelled
Tabitha stopped and comes back and sat down took a drink of water and took a breath again.
 "Chandler I know Tessa is your friend but try to ignore what she said. look I know it's true because Sam is not here so find someone else like take my sister or Maria or any girls that are survivors so think about it." She said
 "Well yeah it's hard for guys and girls to. You know choosing who ever." I said
 "Yeah sure is." She said
As I got up I felt something weird and it smells bad out there.
 "What's wrong?" Said Tabitha 
 "I smell something dead." I said
I walk towards to the other room and found it. Two dead bodies husband and wife blood out there necks looks like they been stabbed.
 "How did this happen?" Tabitha asked 
 "Stabbed by wanna of the enforcers where ever they are now there gone." I said
 "Maybe for now." Said Tabitha 
 "Alright we should get to bed its late like 2:00 in the morning right now." She said
 "Alright." I said 
I covered up the corpses and closed the door and head back to the room. I looked outside and say things to my head.
 "Well Sam hope you and your friends are safe cause me and my teammates are going on a suicide mission to end this war of the Wolf soldiers all over the country." I said to myself
I head to the room and see the two girls are sleeping together in the first bed and Rita sleeps with her sister on the floor and Jake sleeps in the couch and Kyle sleeps to another couch. Now me I'm sleeping with a girl Maria oh boy.
 "This is going to be a rough night." I said and went to sleep.

to be continued 
Gun firing at the Wolf soldiers while they fired back at us. I fired the assault rifle at them and killed 5 of them.
 "Brings back memories huh Chandler?" Kyle said
 "Yeah since these Wolf soldiers weren't at United States yet!" I yelled 
We continued firing and the area is clear so right now we can move.
 "Guys when the soldiers are all around use extreme caution." I warned them
 "Got it." Said Kyle 
As we kept walking through town there's still no sign of life anywhere though wanna of them could be hiding or there's a criminal out there hiding around here.
 "Hey Chandler I'm picking up a signal of a criminal." Said Jake
 "Wait how do criminals get signals and where did you get that device?" Rita questioned
 "The criminals were captured since they were at blackgate prison around USA. But now wanna of them escaped from them surviving." Said Kyle
 "So the soldiers like Wolves or black ops had captured them all." Rita asked
 "Yes but not ROJ soldiers. Which since all criminals escaped a lot of them died from them and also others died from The 3 main base operations of 3 type military army." Said Kyle 
 "So were survivors and the criminals were out there hunting us and other survivors out there in Every state U.S." Said Rita 
 "That's correct." Said Kyle 
 "Yes back at Japan the criminals were separated and wanna of them was the leader which I killed him named Jackson aka Deathnight. But now that I herd a group of criminals has the leader each one of them have." I said
 "Yes, so what now the criminal we detect is around here?" Said Kyle 
 "We find a criminal and interrogate him who's the leader he'll explain." I said
 "You got it. Oh and the device I got it from the dead soldier." Said Kyle
We circle together cause that criminal is around circling.
 "The criminal name is Austin the killer who kills survivors and soldiers." Said Jake 
 "Wait he's gone it headed out somewhere." Said Kyle 
 "My destination that he's heading to the nearest hospital quickly we had to get him." I said
 "Alright and Chandler, me and Kyle already went to the last hospital back at California so remind me we should leave these medical supplies and bandages at that hospital." Said Jake 
 "Okay man I'll leave them there for any survivors out there are gonna need it then more then we do." I said 
 "I know how you feel but I got everything in the medical bag and I got the medical kit to so probably not going to that hospital and take everything there." Said Jake 
 "Alright Jake I get it!" I said *Sigh*
 "Chandler is Leslie okay?" Asuda asked
Me and Jake looked at Leslie she's still sad.
 "Go talk to her I'll have Rita to watch you two." I told her
 "Okay." She said 
 "Rita keep an eye on those two girls." I said 
 "Got it leave it to me." Said Rita 
 "Alright." I said 
As we head inside we went to follow his tracker and w past through the medical rooms and we felt like someone is watching us.
 "Guys someone is watching or shadowing us." Said Jake 
 "Hmm let me check." I said
I looked around and there's nothing so it's just imagination.
 "Man there's nothing." I said
 "Okay I thought I sense someone here." Said Jake 
 "Now your speaking like Rita!" I teased
 "No I'm not." Jake said 
 "Hey guys look." Kyle yelled
We ran to him and the rooms look a mess around but then trouble shows up.
 "BEHIND YOU!" Someone yelled 
we looked behind and Austin starts attacking us. He jumped and I kicked him to the wall and I punch his face and stab him with his own weapon.
 "AHHHHH! FUCK!" He yelled
I grabbed his body and land him to the window and start interrogating him.
 "Tell me who your leader is!" I yelled
 "His name is Elliot he's located in Illinois. You wanna find him go all the way up there!" He yelled
 "Thank you now die!" I yelled and kicked him through the window after I killed him I shout at someone for saving us.
 "Hey thanks for watching our backs. What's your name?" I said to the survivor
 "I'm Maria and I'm a boy." She said so embarresed 
We gasped and Jake looks at Maria and he knows that Maria is not a boy.
 "No your a girl cause we can see your... not going to mention." Jake said not to say inappropriate words.
 "Yes your right I'm a girl and I'm dressing as a boy so forgive me." Said Maria 
 "it's okay. But anyway are you by yourself." I asked her
 "Yes I'm alone. The group I was with are killed by the soldiers I ran away and cried here." She said
 "I'm sorry to hear that." Said Kyle 
 "Its okay I'm... I'm to scared." She said through her sob.
She begins to cry and I comfort her.
 "Dude she's crying." Said Kyle 
 "it's okay. It's okay. Don't cry." I told her
 "Well Maria your same age as us or same age as Rita so you don't know anyway so. Your welcome to come with us we're few miles away right now." said Jake
 "Thank you guys thank you." She said
We came out of the hospital and there's someone with Rita and the two girls so I investagate to see who it is.
 "Hey who are you?" I yelled 
 "Wait don't shoot!" She yelled
 "Rita it's me." She said
She takes her helmet off and Rita cries and hugs her older sister.
 "Tabitha!" Rita yelled
 "I'm sorry I'm glad your safe." Said Tabitha
As we came to her we introduced ourselves to her.
 "Tabitha. I'm Chandler aka darkblood and this is Kyle and Jake and this is Maria also the two little girls is Asuda and Leslie." I said
 "Nice to meet you all and your all coming with me cause we're all heading to Washington D.C to end the main base where the soldiers are and the general." She said
 "Yes that's where we're heading to but we need to get to Illinois to end Elliot." I said to her
 "Chandler I know this guy called Elliot. He's the leader but there dozens of criminals out there and though we can track them and kill them on the way to Washington D.C so I'll give you all a ride." She said 
 "Yes!" Kyle yelled
 "great so we'll head to Illinois and Washington D.C and possibly New York." I said
 "Deal." Tabitha accepted
As we all head down we all got in to the jeep and we all drove off.
 "Well pretty long walk huh man?" Asked Kyle 
 "Yeah it's like I couldn't feel my legs anymore." I said
 "Well you all need rest anyway so we're getting out of Nevada anyway." Said Tabitha 
 "Right I understand." Said me so where's mom and dad you were with them." Said Rita 
 "Rita I'm sorry they were shot and I managed to survive from the crash and disappeared." She explained 
Rita turns down and begins to cry which she realy miss them.
 "Poor Rita." Said Leslie 
 "She'll be okay guys don't worry." Said Tabitha 
As I thought i think that's what I'm gonna say to.

to be continued 
As I'm in Rita's parents bedroom alone I was going to check messages but not my girlfriend which her phone is destroyed longtime. Anyway I read the text from Tessa and it says that her boyfriend found her. Then she text me back like she said. Did your girlfriend find you yet?. I said no. So then she answered back and said. Well that's to bad I'm sure she and her friends will find you if not move on. That's what I thought in mind so I text her back and said. Yeah. then Tessa is gone her phone must've went off so I have to see anyone else is okay. James and ML are okay so there lucky to be alive and so is Tessa and Brian. I opened the closet and there's nothing.
 "Chandler we need to show you something in this room." Said Kyle 
 "What is it?" I asked 
 "it's about the body of Alexander." He answered 
As we got into the room Alexander's corpse looks like it's getting a little nuts the veins were all over his face the gas must've killed him after i remembered putting a huge light on him.
As Jake look at the corpse of Alexander it has nothing to do of how he did it.
 "Well I'm going to throw him out so find something around the house if Rita doesn't mind."
 "Yeah I got it." I said
As I looked around the house I found a picture of Rita and her family.
 "Oh Rita you miss your family do you?" I said to myself 
 "I don't believe this." Said Rita 
 "What?" I said
 "My family died I saw them and I don't see my sister." Said Rita 
 "In the nightmare world I saw 3 of my dead friends. Edward, Violet and Buck." I said
 "So where's the body?" Rita asked
 "It's gone now Jake burned the body outside he's doing that right now." I said to her.
 "Okay." She said
I looked at Asuda Playing with her doll that Talia told me to have its very for her.
I went to Kyle to see how he's doing which he's lining up the weapons so we can get ready to go soon.
 "Hey Kyle getting the weapons reloaded right now?" I asked him
 "Yeah so we can kill any of the soldiers out there that were trying to kill us and that lieutenant Waylon." He said
 "I know Waylon must be stopped no matter the cost." I said
 "I'm sure he will we must kill him or I will kill him." He said
 "No, leave him to me he's mine. There's a lot more than meets the eye about him." I said
Kyle nodded and then gets back to work on weapons. Then I went to see Asuda to see how she's doing.
 "Hey Asuda." I said
 "Hey Chan." She said
 "What are you doing?" I asked
 "just drawing on papar. Rita found that stuff for me." Said Asuda 
 "Oh I see." Said me 
As I watched her draw she really had a good drawing skills so she can become an artist. But I sure know she'll die soon. If I can save her.
 "Hey Asuda are you feeling okay you weren't last night were you?" I asked 
 "No I'm fine Chan." Said Asuda 
 "Okay just making sure." I said
After the pep talk I looked outside the area is clear. no soldiers no criminals, no animals and no survivors. They must be out there in town or a city.
 "Hey Chandler do you know there are ROJ soldiers out here? There all been killed by Wolf soldiers." Said Kyle
 "What about the black ops soldiers there here to." I said
 "Well there all been killed to." Said Kyle 
 "You know there's more of them out there. There not killed you know." I said
 "Yeah your right." Said Kyle 
 "Hmm what about the U.S military?" I asked
 "They all had plans about taking out every soldiers out in USA." Said Kyle
 "I see." I said
 "Hey guys should we leave now?" Jake asked
I looked at Rita and she wants to leave.
 "Rita are you sure you don't want to leave this house?" I said
 "This won't be my house anymore so I had to leave all this stuff that is mine here." She said
 "okay." I said 
As we all packed up and ready to go we went out the door and walked far away from it. I walked to Rita and it looks like she's going to cry.
 "Rita?" I said her name
 "Goodbye mama and papa goodbye!" She sobbed 
I walked to her and hugged me crying.
 "Come on let's go." I said
She nodded and we start to move. As we walked down few miles away we found town and the nearest hospital out there so we can go in there and find any survivors but then there's soldiers out there in town searching so we had no choice but to hide carefully and sneak attack them silently.
 "Alright guys lets find anything around." I said 
They nodded and we spread out to find anything.
I looked around and then herd gunshot.
 "What the hell?" I said
Then I investigated and seen the little girl covering herself.
 "Go save her!" Asuda yelled
I nodded and quickly ran. Got my pistol out and aimed at the head.
 "Both little girl's parents are dead sir and we found her." The soldier said
 "Kill her." General yelled on radio
The soldier aim the gun at her and I shot his head. *BANG*
 "What the hell?" The soldier yelled
He turned and I shot his throat. He choked and then falls.
 "Hey little girl? It's okay it's over." I said nicely
 "Stay away from me!" She yelled
 "It's okay I'm not them. I'm not going to hurt you." I said
She uncovered and I showed my hand to her and she grabbed my hand and hugged me crying. 
Kyle, Jake and Rita showed up and the girl's parents 
 "Kyle check the names of the soldiers." I said to him
While Kyle looked he found the answers.
 "These are black ops soldiers. They are here to." Said Kyle 
 "So three named military soldiers are here all over the country." I said
 "That's correct." Said Kyle 
As I paused I looked at her parents there shot to death and she came to them.
 "Little girl what's your name?" I asked her
 "My name is Leslie." She said
 "I'm chandler and this Rita, Kyle and Jake and my friend here is Asuda." I introduced her.
 "Hi." Asuda said nicely 
 "Leslie I'm sorry about your parents but you'll be safe with us now so come on let's go." Said Jake 
Leslie nodded and holds my hand so we all moved out of town carefully of the soldiers looking around for any of us survivors.
But then we moved to the big house so we have to wait until there gone.
 "So many Wolf soldiers out there." I said
 "Yeah we can't battle them now." Jake said
 "I know we got weapons but we need more back up like there only 4 of us know how to use guns." Kyle said
 "Well how many do we need? So we can take them out?" I asked
 "We need two more people so that way the 6 of us will take down those soldiers." Said Kyle 
 "What about the two girls?" Rita asked
 "They'll be safe hiding so anyway let's go around the corner hiding if one comes in stab him so they won't see us." I ordered
 "Alright man." She said
We move to the corner hiding one soldier came and I attacked him. I looked and soldiers carrying weapons is another problem which this is going to be a tough or rough battle.

to be continued 
I got out of the room then I hear voices that told me to leave whispery.
 "Leave, leave, get out of here, here, here." Said the ghost voice
I got into another room and there's nothing so I turn back and head to another but it's was the same room I was in. So later I discovered there 3 body bags so I had to look inside to see who the bodies is so I opened the body bag and it can't be.
 "Edward? Is that you?" I asked him
 "You should've save me Chandler like a hero." Said deceased Edward 
I looked at him his body is all gray and his eyes are white as dead eyes and black veins are all over his mouth. But I don't smell rotten. Then the body bag was opened by itself which it was Buck and Taylor.
 "Buck? Taylor?" I said there names
 "Come with us Chandler don't let the two of us die in love." Said Deceased Buck
His eyes and skin are the same as Edwards which the last body bag could be Violet.
 "Violet is that you?" I said her name
 "Please Help us Chandler don't let us die." Said Deceased Violet 
Her body is same as Buck's and Edward's and I shouted.
 "NO YOUR ALL DEAD!" I shouted 
 "Chandler join us. Die with us." Said the deceased criminal.
I'm seeing the criminals and soldiers that I fought and killed before standing there looking right at me.
 "You did this us!" Yelled the deceased criminals
Then it rained like it's bloody raining and then I'm soaked full of blood so I have to get out. I got out of the room and everywhere was broken and in the bottom there's a vortex circling so I don't want to go down there. I climbed up and this looks familiar it's just like the batman game. Someone is doing this by copying and reading how it happens.
 "I have to find someone to see who it is and who did this." I said
I contact my friends to help me but he's here so huge and giant has huge hallow eyes.
 "Poor Chandler your in my world now." He said then he flashes.
 "I gotta becareful so he doesn't see me. This is like the video game I played before how did he do this?" I said to myself 
I crawled under and hopped into another floor.
 "Like my nightmare world Chandler? oh don't worry someone else is here to but you'll see." Said Alexander.
(Rita's POV)
 "Chandler! Chandler!" I called his name but no answer someone was in my house did this to us. Then I saw the body bags and opened the first one.
 "Father?" I said
 "Rita I'm sorry." He said
I opened another bag and it's mom
 "Mother?" I said
 "I'm sorry honey please live on find your sister!" She said
 "It's true you two are dead." I sobbed
Every flood of tears were streaming then I kept moving to find Chandler but then I seen Kyle rotten up and Jake's corpse but there not Dead. I ran quickly and almost got caught by Alexander.
 "No escape." Alexander said
I kept moving quickly but this is no good I flashed back since I was a kid.
 "NO MORE!" CHANDLER PLEASE HELP!!!" I yelled for him
 "What's the matter Rita afraid to fight?" He yelled
As I was to stupid to be afraid I have to fight through this nightmare and get back here.
 "I'm a dark girl and I will banish you from this world!" I yelled
I fired my gun and then he backed off.
 "RITA!" Someone yelled
Its Chandler he's lucky to get away but we're still stuck in his world.
(Chandler's POV) 
 "Rita are you okay?" I asked her
 "Yeah I'm fine!" She yelled
 "Alexander is still searching but there's a problem we have to face." I said
 "What is it?" She asked 
 "The undead Army." I said and then Alexander found us.
 "You are correct my darkness enemy your going to face my undead army." He said looking at us with hallow eyes.
We prepared ourselves and here they come.
 "I'm going to skin your flesh." He said
The undead army are skeletons so we have to punch the bones. I started punching and kicking and I took out half of them down and I see Rita can fight to. So she finished them off. There's only one way we can clear this world. Like I saw it on video game.
 "The light will get him." I said
 "Yeah let's do it." Said Rita 
We climbed up and there's the spotlight so which means we put the spotlight on him.
 "What are you doing?" Alexander yelled and flashed into his eyes and the nightmare is disappearing.
 "NOOOOO!" Alexander yelled
We all made it back the house is normal and my eyes gone up and my body twiches and falls.
(Asuda's POV)
As I was walking downstairs I herd noises and I found 3 bodies laying there. Rita and Chandler and the other guy. But now 1 is shaking which it was chandler.
 "Chandler?" I called out his name
Then I hear footsteps. Kyle showed up and looked horrified.
 "What's going on? What the hell? Who is this guy?" He questioned
 "I don't know." I answered 
Kyle looked at Chandler and his body is twitching really fast.
 "Chandler?" Kyle said his name
He investagated Chandler and then go shocked and calls Jake.
 "OH MY GOD CHANDLER! *Breathing* JAKE!" He yelled
 "What's going on? Jake yelled
 "CHANDLER IS HAVING A SEIZURE!" Kyle yelled so loud
 "Okay I'm on my way I gotta get my medical kit!" Jake yelled 
 "HURRY!" He yelled
Jake arrived and gave Kyle the breathing mask so he can put on his mouth.
 "Please help him!" I yelled
 "I know Asuda stay calm okay he's just having Seizure." Kyle said nicely
(Chandler's POV)
Couple hours later 
 "Ugh what happened?" I said so tiredly 
 "Chandler your awake thank god!" Said Kyle 
 "Jake what happened?" I asked him 
 "Dude you were having a Seizure and you you were sleeping for last couple hours so now your awake." Said Jake
I rubbed my head which it hurts then I felt two bodies were on me like laid there.
 "What the hell?" I said
It was Rita and Asuda laying between me. I gasped so hyper
 "The two girls came to you warming you up since you were asleep." Said Jake 
 "Oh I see and wait there..." I stopped in a panic 
 "Yes there naked becareful." Said Jake 
 "WHAT THE SHIT!" I yelled
As I calm down the girls move in there sleep which I'm pretty embarrassed.
 "Chandler did you had any seizures before?" Jake asked
 "No but I notice I had the first one by drinking poison." I said as I remembered.
 "Okay the thing was that you and Rita were both gassed and poisoned which your lucky to be alive." Jake said
 "Oh yeah where's Alexander? I wanna kill him for what he did." I said
We both came to the room and Alexander is dead.
 I checked on him after you were carried and it's no good his brain was totally fried and gone into brain dead but after I check his pulse. He's gone dead." Said Jake
As I shut his mouth and his eyes his notebook is found about how he did this power.
 "Great should've interrogated him." I said
 "Go back to the room Chandler I'll just dispose this body." Said Kyle
 "Fine man." I said
I walked upstairs and the girls are awake.
 "CHANDLER!" Asuda yelled crying
 "I'm okay Asuda." I said 
 "Chandler thank god your not dead. I worked up and you weren't." Said Rita
 "It was just a Seizure don't worry I don't have epilepsy or epileptic disorders. It just triggered that's all." I said
 "You should thank Asuda." Said Rita 
 "But I didn't call them Kyle did." She said
okay enough let's just get over it and move on." I told them 
They both nodded and understand. 
 "Okay Chandler we understand." Said Rita 
 "Thank you. Thank you both. Well alls well that ends well. I hope." I said

To be continued
In the mansion the place was a wreck like everywhere so I went to the kitchen and there's some food. So we placed are stuff and I have to let them know.
 "Hey guys will stay here till morning okay. There's potatoes here if you guys are hungry." I said
 "Hmm, hey Chan someone's been here before us like who ever they are." Said Jake
I used the device and he's right someone was here.
 "Your right they were 4 people been here before us. 2 guys and 2 girls but I can't identify who they all are so there gone." I said
 "Yeah but what've they come back?" Asked Kyle
 "I don't know will find out till morning so search the place I'll join with you guys later." I said
I went upstairs with Asuda and there's one little girls room so I went in with Asuda and I'm surprising that's she's holding the doll since Talia let me had it for her exactly. I looked around and there's nothing else.
 "I'm sure that little girl is already safe." I said to Asuda
 "Yeah I think so." She said
I looked around and saw a lot of stuff going on in the rooms so I have to look in to see any stuff we need.
As I look in the phone there's no message so I messaged all my friends that my plane crashed and stuck with my other friends.
 "Hey Chandler look at this." Rita said surprised 
 "What the hell is that?" I asked 
 "It's a camera." She said
 "Yeah but it's old and broken." She said
 "oh I'm sorry." Said Rita 
 "No it's okay, how old are you? Highschool age?" I asked 
 "Yes I'm a Highschool age senior. Which I'm upset about my school." She said
 "Well I'm sure they'll rebuild it so that way you won't worry." I said 
Rita mumbled and now I understand what she doesn't like. 
As Rita still looks around she makes weird facts which I can hear. She's annoying somehow. I went down and saw Jake.
 "Anything you find?" I asked
 "No just some junk." He said
Then Kyle showed up and wants to know where I was.
 "Hey Chan tell us where you were and tell us about Asuda." He said
 "I was at Japan like I was being summoned to go there to take down criminals and kill them dead." I said
 "Wow do you have any friends?" He asked
 "Yeah it's Tessa, ML, James, Violet, Edward and Buck. So the three of them are killed and the others left." I said
 "Who are the ones killed?" Jake asked
 "Edward was killed by Thomas and Buck was killed by Taylor and Violet was killed in the explosion its because we're ambushed by Wolf soldiers." I said
 "Oh man I'm sorry to hear that since there a lot of accidents in Japan." Said Kyle
 "Yeah Maybe." I said
 "Tell me more about that later we have work to do. And we'll talk about where you found her." Said Jake
 "okay." Said me
As I looked around already there are 3 bedrooms on the second floor a bathroom here and here's the supply closet just what I need. Then went to the kitchen and I don't like vegetables which there's carrots, turnips and I already said potatoes. I guess I should go find an animal and hunt it down for food of meat.
 "Hey Chandler I think should leave this place cause something is not right here." Said Jake 
 "I'll check it out." I said 
As I looked around what Jake found I guess he's right we better get out of here and though something is not right with this house.
 "Alright guys get your stuff I change my mind about staying here. So will find another place to stay." I said
 "Sure Chandler let's get out of here right now." Said Kyle 
 "Come on Rita, Asuda lets go!" I yelled
 "Why were we getting of here?" Rita asked 
 "Because they'll probably be back or someone else will come here." I said 
 "Okay." She said 
 "Shouldn't we wait to see who they are?" Kyle asked 
 "No we don't have time to see who they are let's go." I said
 "Alright Fine but the vehicle I saw out there doesn't work so we'll just walk." Said Kyle 
 "Okay fine we'll all walk." I said so hyper
As we all got out of the mansion we start walking again to find another place to stay. We've been walking for hours and though we couldn't find any vehicles that works. So we can just keep walking although the taxi guy I know is probably dead out there so I missed that guy.
 "Hey Chan there's a house up ahead!" Kyle yelled
I was surprised so I held Asuda in my back like giving her a piggy back ride.
 "Hold on tight." I said
 "okay." Said Asuda 
As I kept walking Rita looks strange so I went to check on her and gave her a wave to wake up cause she's stares into space.
 "Rita are you okay?" 
 "That house is mine." She said
 "Are you sure?" I said
 "Yeah." She said
She ran and got to the house first.
 "What's the matter with her?" Kyle said
 "Its her house." I said 
 "Seriously?" He said surprised 
 "yes." I answered 
Then Jake walked to us see we're okay. As we made it to hers Rita blocked us so she can go in first.
 "Wait stay here. I'm gonna check around to see it's secured." Said Rita 
 "Okay man she's really weird isn't she?" Kyle said so confused 
 "I know man it's really complicated of her." I said
 "Okay you come in now." She said
 "What a surprise." I said being sarcastic 
We went in and her house is totally a mess.
 "Welcome to my dark fortune." She said so deep
 "Ah okay." Jake said so confused
While I seen Rita is acting just fine but something isn't right she looks down and upset.
 "Hey Asuda come with me we have to talk to Rita." I said
 "Okay." She said
As we came to Rita we start talking to her.
 "Rita where's your parents?" I asked 
 "My family and sister hadn't came back for days since I was alone out hunting. Like I don't know where they are." Said Rita 
As I figured her family must've been killed by the Wolf soldiers or any soldiers I took out before was there before the Wolf soldiers start to invade and take over. 
 "So do you think your family are dead? Ah don't worry I'm just asking." I said
 "I'm not sure everytime I watched tv I listened what the guy said. If they don't come back from days and a week they're dead." Said Rita 
 "I see." I said to her
As I know they are dead out there after all if we find them.
That Night me and my friends just ate which it's good so already set up our bedrooms which Rita told us to sleep.
 "Kyle you can sleep in my sisters bed, Jake you can sleep in the couch upstairs  and I'm going to sleep in my bed." She said
 "Well Rita I'm gonna sleep in your parents bed with Asuda cause this little girl needs Protection." I said
As they all went up stairs I looked around like I'm in her parents bedroom and though there gone dead so I hope they won't mind I take there bed.
 "Asuda I'm going to give you medicine in the morning okay." I said nicely 
 "Okay." She said
 "Go to sleep." I said nicely
As it turned out everything was suddenly turn quiet and then I herd a noise downstairs which I'm gonna check it out. Kyle is already asleep and so is Jake which there is a couch upstairs so then I checked Rita and she's gone.
 So then it happened. I coughed and I smell gas downstairs and the rooms gone dark and changed as it flashes in the darkness.

to be continued
The weather is cloudy sky and the plane of ours has been flying from Japan to United States and I got a sick little girl I had to take care of. Asuda. But then our plane was shot so we hold on tight and we crash landed.
 "Ow what happened?" I asked myself 
I smell smoke and I got up and Asuda is still alive thank god.
 "Hey are you alright?" I asked her
 "I'm fine ow." She said
i laughed a little and then I investigated to see the pilots are okay but it turns their not. Two pilots are dead we got out of the plane lucky I'm still wearing my darkblood suit and my helmet but as I looked at my stuff there all been burned so I have to take from the soldiers although I had some weapons on me. A sword, a staff, a knife and a type 54 black star pistol 2 of them. So I'm going to need a medium sized gun. As me Asuda we're moving we hid carefully cause there's a soldier walking around looking for any survivors.
 "Stay down." I told Asuda 
As I moved in for the kill I stabbed the soldier in the neck with a knife.
 "Alright let see. Hmm, this soldier is not wanna of the wolf soldiers. Which that could be the remains of the ROJ soldiers." I said as I thought
 so I took the machine gun and took the rest of the ammo then I took out the 9mm out of his holster and I have to teach Asuda how to use a gun but that will wait soon. Right now we're going to move.
 "Lets go." I said 
As we kept moving we spotted a burned house and we went in so we looked around and I found a picture which it wasn't burned.
 "What's that?" Asuda said
 "Hmm. It's a picture of this little girl which she's in your age. Hmm her name is Sarah her parents didn't make it out alive someone managed to save her. She's lucky. hmm I can't identify who saved her. So I'm sorry about your parents little girl." I said 
 "Poor girl." Said Asuda 
As we got of the burned house we moved into another building which someone is already through the vents and jumped into the water before the soldiers find them.
 "Chandler there's a soldier over there!" Asuda called
I looked out and saw him so I went out and shot him before I had to interrogate him.
 "Ahh you son of a bitch!" The soldier yelled
 "At least your not a wolf soldier. Your the soldier from the ROJ tell me what happened here." I said to him 
 "The soldiers you said there wolves and they took us out one by one. there all over US and are General is mad about that and I can't contact him." He explained 
 "which survivors you were chasing before?" I asked him
 "We were chasing these 4 people 2 guys 2 girls which includes the kid." He said coughing out blood.
 "Hmm thank you for the information." I said
 "No, No, NOOOOO!" The soldier yelled
*BANG* I shot the soldier's head which that will be it.
 "Lets go." I said
As we start moving we suddenly stopped cause the wolf soldiers are found us. Which we're surrounded.
 "Get behind me now." I told Asuda 
I got my assault machine gun ready and the soldier talks.
 "Waylon we have the target cornered should we kill him and his little girl? The wolf soldier asked.
 "Yes kill them." Waylon answered 
*BANG* the sniper shot the soldier and then shot another soldier.
 "What the hell!" He yelled
I fired the gun and shot 3 soldiers dead.
 "Quick behind here!" I yelled
 "How did they find us?" She asked 
 "Of coarse the wolf soldiers must've kept one ROJ soldier alive to track us or any survivors out there." I said
When I found out how they did I saw a wolf soldier got away which it was Waylon so we came out and the girl came to us.
 "Hey thanks for saving us." I said
*Gasp* "your here I found you at last our paths are back together." She said
 "What?" I said when I'm confused 
 "Do you know her?" Asuda asked
 "No I don't know her." I answered 
 "It was months or years I've been searching for you." The girl said
As I figured she acts like this anime character name Rikka the chunibyo girl from that anime called love chunibyo and other delusions. Plus, she's not wearing an eyepatch she's different like her some how and she's defiantly not the eye of a wicked lord so this means this girl is a chunibyo person. 
 "You've gotta be fucking kidding me." I said 
 "I know I read about it she must've have the 8th grade syndrome." She said
 "that's what I thought." I said
So as she kept acting strange I have to tell her.
 "Hey do you know my name?" I said
 "yes your Chandler aka darkblood the darkness and bloodiness!" She yelled excitedly.
 "Know fucking way! How did you know about me? Tell me who you are?" I said to her
 "I'm Rita very close to Rikka in that anime which me and her are the same but different powers. She said
 "She's defiantly crazy what the hell. that stuff she does is not real." I said in my thoughts.
 "Oh someone told me about you." Said Rita 
 "Was it Sam?" I asked 
 "no I don't know her I saw you a lot of times at the self defense place where you were trained." She said
 "I knew it." I said snapping my fingers
 "Also my friend Sally is missing." She said
 "Your friend?" I asked 
 "Yep. It was long since she was gone. Since the war started all over the country of US." She said
 "I see." I answered 
 "well we better get move so yes you can come with us." I said
 "thank you I'll protect you no matter what." She said 
As we kept moving we're going on the east side so that way I can tell where my home is. Which it's far away. So then I spotted two survivors which I know them.
 "Oh god it can't be." I said 
The two boys moved and they saw us when I call them.
 "Kyle, Jake!" I yelled
 "Chandler? CHANDLER!" Kyle yelled
We both caught up and gave high fives.
 "Dude your alive thank god!" Said Jake 
 "Serena will be very pleased." Said Kyle 
 "Yeah so tell me where are the others?" I said 
 "it's just us man. These soldiers are new they took out the ROJ soldiers one by one. What are they?" Kyle asked
 "There Wolf soldiers and now there all over the US by taking over like they did." I said to them 
 "No way." Said Jake 
 "yep it's true herd from the General." I said
 "Okay but anyway do yo know Issac and Arron?" Kyle asked 
 "No I don't?" I answered 
 "well okay never mind these two then we don't know them either so let's keep moving." He said
 "So where are we?" I asked them
 "we're at the east side of Nevada." Kyle answered
 "Damn it my house is really far away." I said 
 "Where's your house?" Jake asked
 "My house is at Virginia." I said 
 "Oh shit. Okay we'all figure out something cause these vehicles here don't work so anyway let's keep walking and maybe will find someone the will take us there." Kyle said
 "Understood." I said
As we kept moving we spotted an old mansion where we can stay.
 "There's a mansion right there we can stay there for a little bit." I said
 "okay. Oh I forgot who are the girls." Jake asked
 "That's Rita but becareful she's got chunibyo." I said
 "Beaware I sense darkness here which it could be suicide." She said
 "Is she serious?" Kyle said so confused
 "Don't mind her she's like this since we met." I said 
 "Oh it's okay girls will be girls." Kyle said
 "speaking of girls do you know my girlfriend Sam?" I asked
 "Hmm well I herd of her like she and her friends are missing." Said Kyle
 "so to let you know Chan we're all on the mission to find any survivors and kill the criminals around United States we find. Cause we're all going to Washington D.C and end this war also destroy the base where the soldiers are. Not sure if it's The Wolf's or ROJ's or possibly Black OPS unless if the Wolf soldiers took over that place or they had there own somewhere in Washington D.C or New York." Jake said
 "well I guess are choices is to take out all of the bases unless if my girlfriend is heading to ROJ's base with her friends. While we're gonna take out the Wolf soldiers base and their general and even Waylon." I said
 "you got it man." Jake said
 "Hey Chan before we go inside where were you?" Jake asked 
 "Well it's going to be along story." I said 
As we went in the house I forgot to introduced Asuda to them.
 "Guys this little girl is Asuda and she will explain to so we'll talk later." I said 
 "okay man thanks." Said Kyle 
we got in and shut the door.
To be Continued 
Washington D.C

Mr. Talkoba - you want to know don't you. Why the soldiers are here. In United States 

Tabitha - Where's Your girlfriend? Where's Sam? Chandler 

Chandler - I don't know where she is it's been long time.

Me firing at the soldiers 

teammates attacking each other

Conniea - Leslie is in danger. Chandler. What will do Chandler?

The soldiers and criminals 
Me and my teammates looking at Tessa and her teammates 

Chandler - Everyone.. will die.

Leslie screamed and Rita fights her friend Sally

Me grabbed Brian and slam him to the wall

I got up but Tessa swing kick me in the face and she jump attacks me when I block her attacks.


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